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Dear Creative Entrepreneur:

Do you avoid accounting like the plague?

You are a business owner.

You're creative. You do your best being responsible but adulting is hard. So hard. You're not sure if you are tracking your business finances correctly. Who are we kidding? The thought of starting an accounting system makes you hyperventilate and break out in hives.  You'd gladly hand off your accounting work if you felt sure you could afford it and know that you were in good hands. Oh yeah. That would be nice.

We should work together if...

  • You are creating beautiful pieces of work that inspire others.
  • You speak the truth (and appreciate hearing the truth) no matter how much it may hurt.
  • You are torn between wanting to take a nap, watch the football game, play Mario Cart, and drink 7 margaritas. Adulting is hard when you have these kind of decisions to make.
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    If you had to choose between snuggling with your fur baby and your spouse, your four legged child wins every time.
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    You enjoy life even if it doesn't include materialistic items, but sometimes fancy things are nice.
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    You care more about friends and family than internet marketing.
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    You laugh at my jokes. No matter how corny they may be.

I'm James Krener.

The owner of Krener Bookkeeping & Tax and creator of Know Your Numbers. I started KB&T because I'm obsessed with improvement.  Mainly improving the accounting process.  After graduating college, I realized that clients were not receiving what they really needed: EDUCATION.  Clients didn't understand what they (or I) were doing.  They didn't understand the paperwork I submitted to the IRS for them. They freaked out every time they received an IRS notice.  Accounting and taxes don't need to be stressful.

At KB&T, we believe that accounting is easy, critical and yes, it can even be fun.

And if you listen to any of my webinars or trainings do not be surprised if you hear several Disney references.


At KB&T, we offer:

  • Online and In Person Accounting Services
  • Online and In Person Tax Preparation
  • Payroll Services
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    Tax Preparation & Planning
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    CFO Services

Clients we love to work with...

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    Are doing what they love, even if numbers scare them.
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    Make work (and life) fun.
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    Are willing to give even if they don't receive anything in return.



Does that sound like you?

You may call (618) 566-0102 , schedule an appointment online, or fill out the form below and we'll talk soon.  I'm looking forward to our conversation.

Know Your Numbers, Love Your Business

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