How great would it feel not to be scrambling around trying to file your tax return at the very last minute?

How sweet would it be to know exactly how much tax you owe each year before your payment is due?

And how amazing would it be to hand over your books to a pro, let them crunch the numbers and complete all of your paperwork, freeing you up to spend more time with your clients or follow up on new business leads?  Make that money.

Pretty great, right?

Especially if your current accounting system involves shuffling piles of un-filed invoices from one corner of your desk to another, searching for receipts from last year that you filed away in 1 of the 5 places you think you keep receipts, and you are using your  secret decoder ring to decipher the confusing letters you get from the IRS.

Whether you’re a brand new online business owner who doesn’t know where to start, an established freelancer or a profitable sole proprietor looking to register as a limited liability company, I can help.

Hey, I'm James Krener, the founder & sarcastic, smart ass behind this party business.

I’m the only number cruncher in the world with a personality...okay that may be a bit of a stretch but I’m the internet junkie who’s going to help you understand your business from top to bottom-line. (I’ll do my best to keep those hard earned dollars in your pocket and out of Uncle Sam’s.)

When I’m not pecking away at my keyboard utilizing my Bachelor’s degree in accounting to the fullest, brainstorming my next e-mail campaign, or thinking of ways to humiliate my pre-teen daughter, you can find me riding the teacups at Disney World...only because my wife makes me.  Seriously.  Not my choice.  Seriously.

Number crunching and simple, easy to implement business systems has transformed my business, and it’s going to revolutionize yours, too.

In other words, I will make you feel like a number crunching Albert Einstein.

Here is how I can help you.

Financial Tracking Psychiatrist - No medical degree required.
Financial Tracking Psychiatrist - No medical degree required.

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Know Your Numbers

DIY Free Course

If you want to keep reading blog posts, watching hours of YouTube videos and listening to podcasts to try and figure out this accounting stuff, be my guest.

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Done for you accounting

True financial peace

Know your financials are up to date each month, the numbers you are looking at are correct, and you truly understand what each beautiful number means.

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Tax Preparation

Online or in-person

Individual and Business. Online or in-person.  I can help you with your return no matter where you live or are located.

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The added bonus?

And who doesn't like a bonus?!

You won’t struggle to explain the online business world to me, because I'm part of the online business space too!

If you’re tired of muddling through your accounts, paying out more tax than you need to and want to spend more of your time making money than accounting for it, let's talk.

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