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Here are 10 tips to make your accounting easier, faster, and fun!
What I do
When you outsource bookkeeping to us, we will enter data, invoice customers, pay your bills, make collection calls, and more.
CFO Services
You and I will work closely. Discuss your financial performance.  
Ideal if you don't want to hire an
 in-house accountant.
Stay out of jail.  I'm not going to jail.  I'm too cute for that.  
Sometimes you don't want to outsource your accounting.  I get that.  But you may want to get training on a certain topic.
I'm an accountant
Don't hold that against me.

Not All Accountants Are This Cool.

Really it's not fair to the other number crunchers out there.  But let's face the truth, accountants aren't known for their sparkling personalities.  If you have an accountant that explains everything to you and doesn't make you feel like shit before you leave...well you have a keeper.  Most of them seem to be known for their rudeness, arrogance, and down right cruelty.
What I believe.
I believe you are smart.  You may not feel smart with your accounting, but if you choose to learn something new will can be good with your accounting.

I've seen it.  It's possible.
My goal is to...

Save you money.

Is that an accountants job?  You can save money by learning how to decrease your taxable income.  Decrease how much you spend on accounting by teaching you to do your own accounting.

Teach what you need.

Maybe you want to understand estimated tax payments, maybe you want to know how to prepare your tax return.  Or maybe you want to do your own accounting.  We can teach you anything!

Help you launch your business.

Yes, once you know your numbers you can begin to take your business to a whole other level.  Small actions can have a HUGE impact.
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