How to accept payments through Wave Apps

Transcript of Video:

I want to show you how to accept payments through Wave Accounting.

Let’s log on.

If you first log on who you are at the dashboard and we’re going to go to Sales Tab and we’re going to do the payments and go ahead and we’re going to turn on payments.

Now Wave is actually going to use the bank, one of the bank accounts that you already have connected.

Let’s go ahead and finish setup.

Business type sole proprietorship.

Business details.


For our purposes, we’re going to do professional services.

We’re a videographer.

Let’s say I don’t have one.

Have you accepted credit card pianos in the past? Yes.

Then you enter your info, so they want to be able to track you down if they need to.

Now it’s going to ask you where do you want this money saved?

So I enjoyed you get a check from the checking account, but I want to use this is the routing.

The account number.

We’re going to call it FireTube, so this is what’s going to show up.

Like if someone does get charged, it’s going to say Wave FireTube.

We’re going to agree to the terms of service.

Then click save and continue.

All right, our identity is being verified.

So you’re going to be asked questions.

We are done. S

o simple as that.

Now we can accept credit card payments in less than five minutes.

Pretty easy.

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