How to export data from Wave Apps

Transcript of Video:

I just got the question, is it possible to export information out of Wave Accounting? Yeah, it is.

Let me show you how.

All right, so when you are first logged on to Wave, you are at the dashboard, so if you go to the settings which is right here and you have a lot of different things to click on here, but if you scroll down and click on data export, you have a few options as well.

Just click the link below to download your accounting data including a complete list of your transactions and it’ll list your particular company when you’re doing this, but you can export for excel, for a CSV file or you can actually export your receipts.

Hopefully, you don’t have to do that then.

All right, so what I’m gonna do for our demonstration today is just choose export for excel and you’ll see right here it says it’s going to send me an email when the file is ready to download and I do not have many records.

I don’t have many transactions because this is an account that I use for demonstration purposes so it will go by pretty quickly.

You see here I have an email that says your Wave Accounting data is ready.

Here again, says ready for export, click on this link and do note that you only have 24 hours, so if you do it and kind of step away from it and don’t come back to it right away.

You have to do it again.

All right, so it downloads a zip file and go ahead and open it.

Now let me show you the downloads folder.

Okay, so here we have a few different options or files.

Here with the first one is an accounts file, so it lists all the different accounts that you use, like your chart of accounts.

This will be all of your bills and your vendors.

This is a spreadsheet of the customers.

So, in particular, the person asking the question, wanting to be able to export their customer information to put into like a mailing system or something of that fashion.

This is the file you need.

You can let me open it and kind of show you what it looks like.

You may need to adjust it a little bit just to put in the information you need.

Like, see it says John Jones doesn’t say John in one column.

Jones in another.

Depending on how you’re importing it, you name may need to adjust that a little bit but that is how you could get all of your customers.

Let me close it that.

I’m going back to downloads.

Detailed general ledger.

This is actually all of your transactions, your invoice items.

This is different invoices that you actually created.

This is journal entries.

You will see a bunch of them here.

I think, not just journal entries, but it will also do the transactions because those are not journal entries and then payments.

This is a payment that I posted as an example and then more transactions.

Then you could even do a list of your vendors and again, and I did it an earlier example, and this is accounts and transactions again.

That was a lot of information that can be experts.

These files can be pretty big depending on how long you’ve been using Wave, so keep that in mind, but you can definitely export information out of Wave and put it into other systems that you may be using.

So I hope this video helped you. If it does, please share it with your entrepreneur friends and as always, do your best. Have Fun doing it, and now your numbers talk to you later.


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